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Saideli deeply understands the connotation of brand and the range of quality Therefore, at the time of raising the product quality, it never forgets the construction and improvement of service quality system. The company has been always holding the service ideology of "customer first" and think about every need of customers and meet all requirements of customers. Not only can the company make the adequate product to customers according to their will, but also undertakes the work which others not willing to do With the door to door service, the company solves the problems of customers, including making modification on imported products and technical innovation on out of date equipment Meanwhile, the company regularly organizes professional training to service personnel and raise the groups' service consciousness and quality Saideli sets requirements for each service personnel that they must seriously treat the issues of such procedure. As before sale, in sale and after sale, thus, the customers can enjoy the worry free service. It also offers professional technical information, up-to-date product brochure and free consultation to customers and provides considerable house-keeping service with professional consultation group.

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