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Since the beginning of nineteen seventies, Saideli has always insisting the development strategy "of establish the enterprise with science and technology" and set up a technical innovation system under the leadership of the president Mr. Gu Gensheng It sets technology R&D organization, implements processing development and finds out technology solution, meanwhile, it actively seeks for technical support, enhances the cooperation with the first class enterprise in the world and domestic top class universities and research institutes. At the same time, the company circuits and cultivates professional talents in every channels by every means, thus, a high quality core technical group has been formed At present, the company has a domestic leading professional scientific research institute and one separating and drying technology experiment as well as 42 sets of equipment for scientific research Also Saideli has powerful technical teamwork, including 2 doctor tutors, 4 professor level senior engineers, 6 senior engineers, 32 engineers and 52 assistant engineering and technicians With such teamwork and constant breakthrough and innovation, the company has produced quite a lot of high-tech content and high value added top products playing a leading role in China and forged such famous trademark as "Yongxuan".
These products not only accord with national situation and meet the GMP specification for medicine production, but also replace the same kinds of imported products, which fill the technical blank in this flied of China and gain several items of state patents. At the same time, the company has been qualified for product simultaneous design and development, which can be vertically integrate with supply. According to the engineering requirement of different customers, the company can make the design data more accurate and efficient. We can absolutely say that Saideli has become one of the technologically-leading brand in China.

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