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With the powerful ability, well-known reputation, strict quality management and top service system, Saideli has become a famous leading brand in China and is appraised by wide users after so many years of struggle. Our products are sold well to countries all over the world, such as Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Latvia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, india and etc. We also have established a broad customer network: Zhuhai Lizhu Group, Zhejiang Haizheng Medicine Company, Zhejiang Medicine Group, Unilever, Shanghai Xiehe Aminophenol Company, Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Cooperation, Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Nantong Jiangshan agrochemical, Rodia(Wuxi) pharmacy, Yangtse Pharmacy Group, Shandong Xinhua Pharmacy, Huayao Group, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceuticals, Xian Lijun Pharmacy, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group and many other famous enterprises at home and abroad.

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