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The enterprise culture is the life for core competitive force and continuous development. Therefore, Saideli pays much importance on the establishment of enterprise culture. The leaders stipulates the core management strategy on such aspects as "let the leadership become outstanding person, ask the scientific personnel enjoy the fun and make the employees are compatible with each other ". Thus, the company regularly dispatches the executives above medium level to visit in abroad and invites experts to give training, which include decision-make, operation, management and professional knowledge,etc. And the company needs each employee has the core values of "offer sincere service and make contribution to society" with the enterprise spirit of "Takes morality as basis, Be brave in progressing, Practical and high efficiency, Up and coming", so as to build up an excellent enterprise atmosphere and working environment and to set up a group with high cohesion force and loyalty. Just this working enthusiasm and innovative force exerted by the employee of Saideli provide the continuous development dynamic for enterprise.

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